Pentru pasionatii de SEO/SEM

Am scris un raspuns aici.

Poate va intereseaza si pe voi, who knows…

ma citez :

You are trying to improve the Google ranking or the Google toolbar PR ?

Because those are two different things.

You can increase the positioning in SERPs ( so also google`s results pages ) or you can increase the PageRank, the one you see in toolbar. The PR is useless IMHO, but with the ranking, you can get the traffic to monetize your website.

Research is the key!

In order to increase the positioning of your website in SERPs you must research for keywords. Choosing the right keywords and an acceptable target for a period of time ( lets say 6 months ) is the first step you should do.

Onpage optimization

After you have finished researching, you move on to the next step – onpage optimization. You asure that everything is allright on your page. A couple of things you should look out for :

The magic list

– Title of the page, unique for each page ( this is the first text on a page, and we know that the first text is THE MOST important ).
– having you content structured corectly, using subtitlings ( h1, h2, h#… )
– having emphasized your keywords
– having filled in the titles for links and images
– having filled in the alt for images
– having the right frecvency of keywords.

Internal linking & website structure

Now, we move further and reconsider the link structure – as the internal linking is very important. We need to know how to create the structure of the websites, short URLs, name of the pages containing keywords, corect categorization, etc.

Be sure you link in for important pages, as you need the spider to see that those pages are important. So first level is for categories and important pages. Since the index page of a website is the strongest ( because most of us build links for the index, very few build for internal pages ) we place links only for what we think its important.

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