Default – It Only Hurts

Can hold my breath only for a little while, until reality starts sinking in
Once again, settling for second best
Turn the page and skip to the end to where I swore that I would try
Since the last time I crossed that line in the back of my mind I know …

It only hurts when your eyes are open
Lies get tossed and truth is spoken
It only hurts when that door gets open
Dreams are lost and hearts are broken

Miles away, promise from a burning bed, two worlds should never collide
One word would end it if you ever heard
Tear the page out that reminds me when I swore that I’d be strong
Now the next time has come and gone, well maybe I’m wrong, I know …

2 thoughts on “Default – It Only Hurts

  1. Mihai Jepan

    Indeed, very nice song 😀

    Si mie imi place foarte tare

  2. Kiki

    o iubesc :X

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