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fotbalDupa un anumit post facut pe despre glumele pe care le fac englezii pe baza Unirii Urziceni, mai multi romani au ajuns sa lase comentarii pe Mirror Football. Greselile autorului Dan Silver, intentionate sau nu ?

Trebuie citit articolul, dar mai apoi trebuie citite si comentariile, pentru o experienta completa. Eu sunt curios ce o sa iasa din meciul de diseara.

Dear Author,
Your comments culminating with the “accidental” misspelling of the name of a respectable football club are far from expressing any journalistic professionalism whatsoever.
You have chosen to intentionally insult a whole nation, based on a cheap linguistic resemblance, without checking the implications of your “jeu de mots”, for the sake of your (probably) brain-limited readers.
According to your more than aggressive exercise, Romanians are now forced to translate into their language Manchester URINEA, Newcastle URINEA, Leeds URINEA, etc., as this is what you actually “innocently” missed: the English translation of Unirea Urziceni is URZICENI UNITED.
I have no idea if your character allows you to apologize to at least one person from the millions you have insulted, I would only “kindly” bring to the attention of your HUMANoid readers that your name, also, could be misspelled into DUNG ASS-SLIVER (or worse), according to strong phonological interpretations of the orthography verified by more than half of the languages of the world.
Dorin U.


Dan Silver fails as usually, and I feel sorry for his low-brain article …Unirea Urziceni is a team which spend 0.2mil Euro to reach this phase , meanwhile Liverpool spend 50 mil Euro . Isn’t it kinda sad? By the way, reading the comments, Dan Silver’s mouth is full of meat, isn’t it accomplised ? h@h@

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